Wish to attend a Sci-Fi Convention?

The best part about attending a science fiction convention is that you are provided with the opportunity to be a part of all the exciting events. Now even in the case of 3-D movies or Live-Shows, you end up enjoying an experience that is of course larger than life, but mostly first person. However in the case of live conventions where you receive an exclusive invitation, you are exposed to an extremely livid, interactive and first-person experience.

What’s so special about Cyphan?

Cyphan aims at being the best voted convention amongst the entire science-fiction fraternity. We are number one rated for fire safety – certified! And this doesn’t just include tried and tested 2 dimensional experiences, but plenty of fun and inspiration in person. Comprised of a program that roughly stretches over 48 hours, you are transformed into an all-new world of innovative extraterrestrial costumes, battleships, outer galaxies, fireflies, serenity, cosplay and loads of celeb interaction. Here are a few enlisted specific attractions that’ll make you want to take part in the upcoming Cyphan convention at Chicago right away!

  • Rocking Imperial Ball to hook up with interesting and like-minded science fiction fans
  • The Browncoat Bash which is akin to an exclusive private party for the sci-fi community, replete with free drinks, lip-smacking snacks and the chance to get photographed with your favorite actors and actresses live!
  • For those who enjoy a nail-biting and real treasure-hunt trail, here is one that guarantees unprecedented fun. The Interactive Bounty Hunting Championship is indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity!
  • Enter an alternate realm filled with Zombies. Yikes! Well, I’m definitely not kidding here. Zombie World is a legit theme of Cyphan, and is also one of the major attractions. Also don’t forget to take part in the Zombie pin up contest to win exciting gifts and prizes!
  • So many more exciting games, contests, events and competitions, to look forward to.

Boys and girls, here is the chance to channelize your inner sci-fi geek and actually be proud about it. Plus there is a plethora of contests where you can put your skills and aptitude to good use, and win amazing gifts and prizes. So why would you want to miss out on this opportunity like this? Book your tickets to the upcoming Cyphan at Chicago now!