Sci-fi Proponents

Chase Masterson

For space geeks and sci-fi enthusiasts, Chase Masterson continues to be the ultimate diva. Her role as Leeta in Star Trek: Deep Space 9 was short-lived but left us in absolute awe of her acting prowess and sheer oomph factor. Further on, she has absolutely ruled the genre of fantasy science fictions, with successive roles in one flick after another, and each of them proving to be an astounding success. Some of her most iconic roles have been as Susie in Digital Man, Cathy in Terminal Invasion, Kat in Creature Unknown, Xela in Star Trek: of Gods and Men the Movie, and of course the much-acclaimed role of Captain Garrison in Unbelievable.

Bill Trip, from Taiwane said, “Not only has she been accredited with the title of the top 30 sexiest women of the world, but has also received popular vote for being amongst the sexiest aliens ever on any science fiction TV show or movie.”

Way to go Chase, we love you! Keep pandering to our sci-fi fantasies with such outstanding performances!

Robert Picardo

Talk of Space Fiction, and you cannot ever forget to mention the famous ‘Doctor’ of Star Trek. His roles in Stargate, Wagons East and Inner Space has won him several prestigious awards. And Cyphan brings you an opportunity to get photographed with him. Find out more now!