Best Science Fiction Themes of all times!

For all the Science Geeks out there, there can really be no Science Fiction Overload. We can be watching sci-fi movies, going canoeing and kayaking, and warching TV shows all day long, or we can remained hooked to superhero comics and science fantasy novels for hour and hours, till somebody comes screaming and yanks the book out of your hands. In case you do not appreciate the genre of science fiction, this is your cue to leave this website, because this website is wholly and solely dedicated to whiz kids and science fiction maniacs only. And while we’re at it, let us go ahead and explore our all-time favorite themes, a lot of which we shall be discussing, unraveling and enjoying in the coming posts. So welcome aboard fellow-geek!

  • The mind-boggling ‘super-human’ genre with its astonishingly wide creative liberties
  • Time travel and the endless possibilities in terms of technology, fancies and also startling concepts like the ‘Butterfly effect’
  • Exploring the infinite cosmos and its intriguing mysteries with Space Fiction (with a generous throw-in of the likes of Princess Leia of course!)
  • Widening the Spectrum of Time Travel with concepts like Alternate History
  • For History Geeks, a much bigger turn on as compared to the above theme constitutes Apocalypse and Post-Apocalypse Fantasies
  • Hardcore Action Lovers would probably sidelining all of the above and be approaching straight towards Military Science Fiction, a tantalizing combination of intense action and technical sci-fi
  • Environmentalists who need to highlight various issues (but are seldom taken seriously by the masses) can easily cash in on the popularity of Climate Fiction to convey their message in an interesting manner
  • Cyberpunk and Bio-punk are some of the other examples of specialized science fiction genres which are enjoyed by a certain section of audience, and in this case, teenagers in particular

From talking about various upcoming live shows in your city pertaining to science fiction, to lapping up juicy details about the various pipelined movies, TV shows, comics and books in the above themes, we have plenty of offerings for science fiction geeks. Not to forget, the sci-fi blog contest where you have the chance to win big. Stay tuned to find out more!